Mark S.

I have received multiple courses of treatment from Sarah over several years for various injuries sustained whilst out and about, generally enjoying myself.  Each time my expectations of outcome have been exceeded.  On every meeting Sarah has been incredibly professional, friendly and welcoming with a very warm sense of humour.  She has consistently gone to great pains, to take time and clearly explain the nature of the injury, the treatment and exercises.  Sarah has always pitched the level of detail with uncanny accuracy, leaving me educated and motivated.

I have left each session with Sarah feeling that the treatment was directed towards the site of the injury and it was utterly refined and personalised for me.  I felt that Sarah took into account a myriad of small facts and pieces of information about me as a person, blended them with the Physio investigations to create a bespoke treatment.  I felt that Sarah would do absolutely everything with her power, to ensure my recovery was as complete and rapid as possible.  For these reasons, I offer a huge and heartfelt, "Thank you Sarah".  I absolutely endorse and highly recommend Sarah's work.

Mrs W.

I have been successfully treated by Sarah over several years for various injuries due to wear and tear from years of sport!  Sarah has also treated my teenage daughter to help her rehabilitation from a serious sports injury incurred during her gymnastics training.

Sarah has a wealth of knowledge, experience and compassion (a way about her) which enables her to treat adults and children alike.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Sarah for any physiotherapy needs.

Sally G.

I have been treated by Sarah for about 6 years off and on for different things.  She is a first class physio who is very approachable, listens to what you have to say and takes everything on board.  She is a very thorough physio and will always explain what she is doing.  

She is trained in many different aspects of physio including acupuncture and kinesiotaping.  I would thoroughly recommend her to anybody who requires physio treatment.

Eric Williams.

Sarah has been treating me over the last 2 years due to an accident I had which left me with torn muscles in my shoulder.

She is a first class physio who is very a
pproachable & listens to what you have to say before explaining what treatments will help with your specific problems.

I Cannot believe the difference in how I felt 
by the time I finished my treatment but know Sarah is just at the end of a phone if I need some advice. Sarah is a very thorough Physio & trained in many different aspects of Physio including acupuncture. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anybody who requires Physio treatment.